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Dry Eyes Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can help to combat the symptoms of dry eyes. Some of the most popular include the following.

Symptoms and Testing for Diabetic Eye Diseases

Diabetic eye disease is the name given to a group of ocular problems that can affect patients who have the metabolic condition, diabetes. Diabetes occurs when a patient is no longer able to control their blood sugar levels naturally, causing them to become too high or low.

Who Should Get Specialty Contacts?

While most people are familiar with the conventional design, which makes contact with the entire front surface of the eye and is fairly small in diameter, this style isn’t necessarily suitable for all patients. In fact, there are some patients who cannot wear this type of contact lens whatsoever. Fortunately, this doesn’t exclude them from experiencing the benefits associated with wearing contact lenses. Specialty contact lenses are recommended for patients in which standard style contacts are not a fit. 

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